Decompression vs. Surgery

Do you or someone you know suffer from chronic low back pain or neck pain caused by sciatic pain, spinal stenosis or a herniated/bulging disc? If so, Accu Spina IDD Therapy® (otherwise known as spinal decompression), may be the treatment option for you.

Many patients that suffer from low back/neck  issues are faced with very few options when they go to see their medical doctor or surgeon. When you go to your M.D. after suffering from a herniated disc you will have an MRI to determine where the bulge is. Then the next step in treatment is to administer corticosteroid shots into your spinal canal.  After 2-3 rounds of shots are administered and the pain has not been resolved, the next step per your M.D. is to have back surgery. As with any type of surgery there are risks. With back surgery you will most likely have permanent metal screws/plates in your spine, a decreased range of motion in that area, have to take time off of work, be on some sort of pain medication, refrain from activity for a specific amount of time, and eventually,  the vertebral segments and discs above and below the area of surgery will wear down and your doctor will then suggest more surgery to fix it.

However, there is another option, which many patients are not aware of is now offered here. Accu Spina IDD Therapy® is a non surgical, non invasive, safe and painless treatment protocol. IDD Therapy® will provide you with a decreased recovery time compared to surgery, which will allow you to resume back to your normal daily activities sooner and with less pain. The machine works by targeting a specific angle of distraction at the vertebral level in question . Over the course of 25-30 minutes you will experience  periods of gentle distraction of the spine with a pumping action and then relaxation. The purpose of the patented pumping action is to pull out waste from within the disc and replenish it with fresh fluid, oxygen, and nutrients. By rehydrating the disc  there will be less pressure put on the nerve causing your pain, a reduction in the herniation, and overall healing in the affected area . This specific machine is the only one of its kind in the Northland and is FDA cleared.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing treatment and become pain free, please call the office to schedule a consult with Dr. Sarah at (816) 216-1218.