The things I take for granted

boys baking.jpg

Doing dishes last night I was listening to my kids laughing and splashing while daddy gave them a bath.  For the second time that day I thought, "man, I wish this stage lasted forever."  My babies are innocent and loving and such bright little lights and I completely take it for granted.  

I spend a lot of time thinking about (and complaining about) how much I have to do, how much they're whining, how little they slept, blah, blah, blah.  And sometimes, I totally let that by my day.  I forget in the midst of a meltdown at Target that we had spent the morning snuggling while T held my face and whispered, "Mommy, no shower."  I forget to enjoy them.  I forget how sweet and precious and short this time is.   It was one of those moments where I really couldn't believe how fast they grow up.  

J is dressing himself and asking all kinds of questions and somehow remembers everything I've ever said to him.  I blinked and suddenly they're big boys.  I will blink again and they'll be in school.  It breaks my heart that the day is near when J realizes that not everyone is his friend and that some people are just not nice.  I know that's life and that's how this whole parenting thing goes but seriously, time flies.  

No, not every day is this great and plenty of days aren't even good but today was one that makes me realize how totally worth it this all is.  I need to be more grateful to my kids for being such incredible teachers and I need to be better at living in the moment with them.  I only get one shot, they're only little once.